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Simply well packed

Just a small selection of our large range of products is available here. Due to the vast number of products we offer we are unable to show you all of our standard products.

If you are unable to find the packaging or accessories you want, get in touch with us. We have what you need, guaranteed.

Disc top cap

To upgrade your packaging accordingly our disc top caps can also be delivered in metallic look.

All common DIN threads from 20 until 28 mm are available.

Dosage caps

We have a selection of applicators so your product can be finely dispensed.

Other versions available on request.

Child-proof caps

We carry a wide variety of child-proof caps - also called turn-lock caps - for thread sizes from 18 until 90 mm. By request our caps also have DIN ISO certification, e.g. according to ISO 8317.

Various types of droppers, seals and pouring rings by request.

Child proof and tamper evident caps for GL 28 thread

These caps are certified to ISO 8317 for plastic- and glassbottles from 30 ml until 1.000 ml.

We can also supply the bottles for these caps.

Tamper-evident caps

Tamper-evident caps are required to ensure that no tampering has taken place prior to initial use. Whether with a bubble top cap or a variety of different seals.

We carry most versions.

Measuring dose caps

The perfect thing for dispensing your product.

Whether with graduated scale or spray seal.

Screw caps

Caps for all categories and all versions. With or without seal, for plastic containers or glass bottles.

Also available with sealing film.

Hinged cap closures, disc top and flip top

In a wide variety of variations and sizes. A variety of openings and designs are available.

For bottles and tubes.

Wide-mouth caps

There are also numerous closure options for our wide-mouth bottles, for screwing on, putting over or with tamper-evident protection for example.

A wide variety of seals available on request.

Pump closures

For cleanly dosing, e.g. lotions, thread 28/410.

Buckle closures jaycap version

Matching snap-on closure for our shower gel bottles. Available in many colours.

Technical parts are also possible with Demareis.


Overcaps you can order in different designs and colors.