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Simply well packed

Just a small selection of our large range of products is available here. Due to the vast number of products we offer we are unable to show you all of our standard products.

If you are unable to find the packaging or accessories you want, get in touch with us. We have what you need, guaranteed.

Fingertip sprayers

Fingertip sprayers in a wide variety of models, thread sizes of 16 to 28 mm, upside down function also possible.

The standard output is 0.15 ml.

Fingertip sprayers

If it has to be a bit finer, then you’ll find the right spray top here. We carry all common spray top models. Almost anything is possible, even upside down handling or as a jaycap version for your perfume.

Fingertip sprayers jaycap version

The fingertip sprayers can also be delivered as a jaycap version in diameters of 15 to 20 mm. Applicators as nose and throat sprayers available.