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Demareis has what you need

  • From standard packaging to the most unusual customer requirements.
  • Well organized and well advised
  • Complete project management
  • Europe-wide logistics

Our services

We have it all...

In addition to our vast range of standard bottles, packaging and accessories, we offer a range of additional services going far beyond the products themselves. Because from Demareis GmbH you don’t just get the perfect packaging, but the perfect service, too.


Organization & consultation

Knowing what’s happening

Even if your products are intended to disappear inside dark plastic bottles, this doesn’t at all mean we keep you in the dark. You can always count on our professional organization and comprehensive consultation. We tackle your problems with competent foresight and plan efficient solutions.


Project management & logistics

The packaging is finished. Now what?

You don’t have to face this problem, because if you want we'll take care of all management and logistics issues related to your projects off your hands and give you the perfect answers that you’ll be satisfied with. With our warehouses and distribution centres in North and South Germany we delivery quickly, inexpensively and flexibly - throughout Europe. Rely on our experience. We’ll take care of the rest.


Custom series production

Something different for a change?

Are you satisfied with our standard solutions, but want to stand more clearly apart from the competition or more strikingly above the crowd? Or even present your products in an absolutely unique way? That’s no problem at all.

We develop custom series in small or large quantities, exactly the way you want them. And the best thing is that your ideas are all we need. We’ll provide support for your packaging from the first design to implementation, finishing or delivery. Integrated service is something we pack up for you.


Special requests

DEMAREIS has what you need

If packaging is technically feasible, you can get it from us. With no ifs or buts. We also take care of special packaging, such as the finishing of the containers you want or the addition of practical applicators. Even special materials pose no obstacles, but a challenge to us. Get in touch with us.

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